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OkroshkaOkroshka is a very popular dish in Russian cuisine. It's name is derived from the verb "kroshit'" - to crumb up or chop in to small pieces. Okroshka is finely chopped fresh vegetables poured over with a cold liquid. The traditional base for okroshka is kwas, but in the old days sometimes it was substituted with cucumber or cabbage brine. Today, some okroshka recipes call for sour milk, kefir, yogurt, mineral water and even beer.

Okroshka is an ideal dish for a hot summer day: first of all it's greatly refreshing, secondly being an uncooked dish all the vitamins are preserved in the vegetables.

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Kvass kissel

The ingridients:

Recipe: boil a glass of sugar and a bit of cinnamon in 2 glasses of kwas and stir in the boiling liquid. Cook for a little bet. Serve chilled.
Okroshka with chicken

Grater up a small horseradish root. Pound cooked potato to nearly mashed potato state, or alternatively cut it up in small peaces. Mix with kwas. Add cooked chicken in peaces similar in size to potato. Add salt to taste. Add grated up boiled eggs and fresh cucumbers, chopped scallions and other greenery you fancy, but make sure you added dill. Mix it all thoroughly. When served, add a tablespoon of sour cream to each dish.

If you substitute chicken with whitefish, you'll have a nice fish okroshka.

Okroshka "From Dacha"

This kind of okroshka can use all the vegetables you might have at hand, excluding the potatoes. We chop up the scallions. Put it in a saucepan and triturate it with salt. Add some black pepper. Grater some cucumbers and radishes. Mix them in. Fresh ginnery, such as dill, cilantro, and even lettuce, have to be cut up in fine pieces, and also added in the mix. We can use sour cream as a dressing, add in chopped eggs and grated horseradish. Just ad in the kwas. White potatoes with butter is a great side dish for this okroshka.

Crayfish boiled in kwas or beer

Crayfish boiled in kwas or beer have a unique taste. The recipe calls for equal amounts of kwas and water. Salt and spices are added in the same way as when boiling crayfish in regular water, but they are best served with the broth in which they were boiled.

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